Parasyte; it has begun.

I’ve have heard of this anime before, Parasyte, but never really watched it until today at 6:30 in the morning. Let me say that it is 4:44 in the afternoon and I am still watching this! Simply amazing from the start. No building up for some action, boom! right at the start this anime will clutch your attention.

Here we see two parasites talking to each other. Like any other parasite they need a host to continue to live, in this case they have chosen different parts of the humans. Anyways, I am off to continue with this amazing must watch anime, Parasyte.

Super oil her up

Ok I’ve read and done my research, yes synthetic oil is amazing, but is it better than Dino oil? That is conventional oil.
Over the past few months I have been using all three types of oil; conventional/dino, synthetic blend,and full synthetic.
Here what I found


Dino/Conventional Oil: This is simply one of the best, it’s all natural no chemicals other than what is needed. Tends to lubricate the engine a little bit slower. Best oil to break in an engine! I say this because I have had both my cars engines rebuilt and I tried synthetic on the Prelude after the rebuild and some of it burned away. A big plus to conventional oil is that it is cheaper than the other ones.

Synthetic Blend: First off, some people say it is a huge no no to mix oils like conventional and synthetic. But if it’s so bad why is there a synthetic blend? I would always do an oil change with synthetic blend since it’s cheaper than synthetic and it is better for cars with high mileage.

Synthetic: The best, hands down. There are people out there that are die hard dino oil, nothing else, used to be like that until I tried synthetic. With this your engine will be oiled way faster than the conventional, which is always a huge plus. Yes it may be a tad bit expensive, but hey if you really love your car and want it to last longer, definitely go with synthetic.

Oil Grades: 10w30 is what is used most of the time unless you live in colder areas 20 degrees Fahrenheit or lower, use 5w30. However if the car does meet the red line every so often 10w40, which is a thicker oil is recommended.


N/A Z’s Run


Yesterday I was out crusing in The East side of town when I stopped in this red light. Not even a minute later a beauty like the one above pulls up next to mine.
We talked a little in the red light but once it turned green, our engines roared!
It was the closest run I’ve had so far! Head to head all mile long, he supposedly let off the gas, but naaa.
It was epic, to celebrate my win I went up the mountains to test my Z’s handling…  Perfect


It’s the Z life

The thing about a 300zx and rainy days is that it is guaranteed a drive will leave you smiling. Today was one of those amazing days where it poured most of day until around 5 in the afternoon when it subdued. A slow drive around the block was done to prepare the Z for what was next.


After a short 30 minute low rpm shift drive, the Z was ready. “Floor it!” is one of my initial thoughts but I restrain myself and shifted around 4000 rpm to start. After 15 minutes I decided I would not floor it or do anything like that… Until this truck started tailgating me.


I was going to my apartment and he was literally in my rear bumper. There was this stop light on red but had the left green turn on, so naturally I did not brake just down shifted to 2nd gear. Damn!!  Without even trying it went into a drift, it was unexpected and lost the shape when the truck turned on his high beams. Pissed off pushed till 5000rpm and never saw him again. Good drive.

Attack on Titan, season 2!

I was looking around and finally found what I was looking for, Attack on Titan, the preview for the second season.

If you have not finished watching the first season this part will have a SPOILER ALERT for the last episode of the first season. As you guys remember on the last episode of AoT, Eren is fighting Annie both in Titan form. At first it seems like Eren is losing but ends up overpowering Annie, he then decides to let Annie encase herself in a crystal and admits to this.The military question him of course but he decides to tell them he will not tell them all his plans to prevent leaks. At the end of the episode we see a piece of Wall Sina crumble only to show us part of a titan’s face…

Amazing cliffhanger and have been waiting for what seemed millenniums for this preview.


AoT season preview!!

A few months

Hello and good day my fellow bloggers, so it has been a while, at least a year. Things happen that we have to brush off as life happening. But I’m back, for good!!

I’ve got so many things to talk about, but I’ll focus more on the daily stuff and what not. Updates will become much more frequent also.

Well I have to run, it’s college time!


Hello my fellow bloggers, sorry for my absenteeism lately, but my best friend just moved in with me and well he consumes most of my free time honestly.

He came from the same small town in Arizona as me, and he just started college so that means I have a little bit of free time in the afternoon before he gets here. 

Really just wanted to tell you guys what was up and stuff, gotta go finish breakfast before work!
Hope you guys have a great day!

Group Therapy

Lately I’ve been having such amazing days my fellow bloggers, and I hope that you guys and gals have been too.

On a serious note though, I’ll go ahead and tell you guys of Group Therapy, no it is not what you probably think. 

This type of Group Therapy refers to a weekly web radio broadcast done by none other than Above & Beyond and a special guest or event the last quarter of the web radio. Above & Beyond is a trio based in England, their type of music is considered Electronic Dance Music. Group Therapy is the successor of Trance Around the World, basically an upgrade to it. It is a 2 hour show, each producer gets 30 minutes of air time and their special guest or special mix gets the last half hour. For any further details on this amazing you guys and gals can head over to their website, by clicking the group therapy link below.

Group Therapy Radio

Age for the Ages


I honestly tend to ignore my age, heck I even forget my age at times!

I really do not care about my age, other than the fact that in a few months I’ll be considered an adult, age of 21. But to me age seems to be simply a number.

Cause believe me, it is a lie when people say grows up know what they are doing, yes some may know but not everyone does.  Some wisdom comes with age, and other is just gained through experiences, age is just a silly number, that only counts the years we’ve lived in this planet