Group Therapy

Lately I’ve been having such amazing days my fellow bloggers, and I hope that you guys and gals have been too.

On a serious note though, I’ll go ahead and tell you guys of Group Therapy, no it is not what you probably think. 

This type of Group Therapy refers to a weekly web radio broadcast done by none other than Above & Beyond and a special guest or event the last quarter of the web radio. Above & Beyond is a trio based in England, their type of music is considered Electronic Dance Music. Group Therapy is the successor of Trance Around the World, basically an upgrade to it. It is a 2 hour show, each producer gets 30 minutes of air time and their special guest or special mix gets the last half hour. For any further details on this amazing you guys and gals can head over to their website, by clicking the group therapy link below.

Group Therapy Radio


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