It’s the Z life

The thing about a 300zx and rainy days is that it is guaranteed a drive will leave you smiling. Today was one of those amazing days where it poured most of day until around 5 in the afternoon when it subdued. A slow drive around the block was done to prepare the Z for what was next.


After a short 30 minute low rpm shift drive, the Z was ready. “Floor it!” is one of my initial thoughts but I restrain myself and shifted around 4000 rpm to start. After 15 minutes I decided I would not floor it or do anything like that… Until this truck started tailgating me.


I was going to my apartment and he was literally in my rear bumper. There was this stop light on red but had the left green turn on, so naturally I did not brake just down shifted to 2nd gear. Damn!!  Without even trying it went into a drift, it was unexpected and lost the shape when the truck turned on his high beams. Pissed off pushed till 5000rpm and never saw him again. Good drive.


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