Super oil her up

Ok I’ve read and done my research, yes synthetic oil is amazing, but is it better than Dino oil? That is conventional oil.
Over the past few months I have been using all three types of oil; conventional/dino, synthetic blend,and full synthetic.
Here what I found


Dino/Conventional Oil: This is simply one of the best, it’s all natural no chemicals other than what is needed. Tends to lubricate the engine a little bit slower. Best oil to break in an engine! I say this because I have had both my cars engines rebuilt and I tried synthetic on the Prelude after the rebuild and some of it burned away. A big plus to conventional oil is that it is cheaper than the other ones.

Synthetic Blend: First off, some people say it is a huge no no to mix oils like conventional and synthetic. But if it’s so bad why is there a synthetic blend? I would always do an oil change with synthetic blend since it’s cheaper than synthetic and it is better for cars with high mileage.

Synthetic: The best, hands down. There are people out there that are die hard dino oil, nothing else, used to be like that until I tried synthetic. With this your engine will be oiled way faster than the conventional, which is always a huge plus. Yes it may be a tad bit expensive, but hey if you really love your car and want it to last longer, definitely go with synthetic.

Oil Grades: 10w30 is what is used most of the time unless you live in colder areas 20 degrees Fahrenheit or lower, use 5w30. However if the car does meet the red line every so often 10w40, which is a thicker oil is recommended.



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