A Z a day



This is such a clean Z, something like this is what I aim for


Growing up



When I was younger and thought of growing up, I never really saw my self where I’m at right now. I honestly thought I would stay back in my hometown and make my life over there.

Now that I’m building up my life in the city, I see that growing up is hard. It sucks, at times but not always.

My idea of a grown up life is basically what I am doing, out of my home, working and going to college. That’s the growing up part.

I’m still years and years away from being able to say that I’m a grown up.

Just Today

Wooo happy Saturday my fellow bloggers!

I’m excited as you guys can tell, cause why not? and also because tomorrow I do not work.

I mean I don’t exactly hate work, in fact I love it! Love the people I work with, it’s an easy job, or I consider it to be, and it doesn’t create as much stress as my last job.

But I love the fact that I will have all tomorrow to do whatever I want. Which will be; do laundry, clean my apartment, and search for another good anime to binge on.

Or maybe I’ll game, wow I haven’t gamed in a while now. 

Ohh or maybe I’ll go for a drive, which I love to do.

Who knows, I’ll decide by tomorrow I guess
Any ideas?

Road Trip!!



If time and money where out of the equation I’d go anywhere my car takes me!

But specifically I would go and visit the lovely state of California. I love that state, it may seem mainstream to some people but California really is amazing.

I’d like to see the North part of California though, I’ve only been in South California and it is pretty chill.

Then I’d head up towards Oregon, maybe stop by and visit a friend, ending up in Washington state just to really cross to Canada. I don’t know I’ve never been up north and I want to see how it is, besides I imagine the weather isn’t as hot as it is in Arizona.

After that I’d jump over to Las Vegas, Nevada. I mean do I really have to explain why Vegas?




So I’ve been meaning to comment on some posts of people who started following me and I started following but haven’t really gotten to it, and I’m sorry for that you guys, promise I’ll get to them soon.

Well probably later today when I get off work. But I’ll try to do them sooner!

Just a Z

Back when it all started

Back when it all started

This is my Z, when I first bought her, almost 2 years ago.


Sadly she’s in a non op status right now, my fault, blown head gasket. I haven’t done much to fix her since I’ve been busy with everything, but I’m finally settling down again, getting back on track.

This Z rebuild will be epic..


Attack on Titan, wow just amazing!

If any of you guys hasn’t seen it I ask of you not to waste any more of your time and give it a try ASAP!

I was told that AoT was a great anime months ago, like 8 months ago to be exact and always said yeah I’ll watch it. But I never found the time to watch it, until recently.

And damn, do I regret waiting this long, I am addicted to Attack on Titan, and it’s barely been a week or so since I first started watching it.

A short summary of how it begins for those of you who haven’t seen it.

It’s about this civilization that lives within 3 walls that protect them from the outer world where titan, giants, roam the earth. One day a colossal one appears and the mayhem begins.